Always Tired

Are you Always tired? Do your energy levels slump halfway through your day? Does your lack of energy leave you constantly grabbing for that extra cup of coffee, a super sized energy drink or yet another sugar soft drink to give yourself a boost?
If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you along with millions of people all over the world, are having a problem Tiredness. With just a few simple changes to your daily routine you can gain enough energy to keep you powered up throughout the day and get rid of your feelings of fatigue forever.

Now where does tiredness come from ? It can stem from many places such as stress lack of sleep or even malnutrition. Fitness and exercise also have a hand to play. How do you alleviate your tiredness ?
Taking supplements, exercising or sleeping more are some of the most common cures.

Helpful Supplements

If you try the supplement route caffeine is an obvious choice but its only good for the short term it will not help you with chronic fatigue and will only make things worse if you stop taking it. Other supplements can be more helpful over the long term. A B-Vitamin complex can be great to supplement your regular diet and can help give you energy. B9 can even help with Anemia! For more information on B vitamins read: The 5 ways a B Vitamin Complex can help increase your energy. Melatonin is another great supplement that can help you fall asleep more easily and give you a better restful sleep which will then help you stay awake and feel energetic the next day. Last but not least we can use a supplement called Ribose it replenishes the body's natural source of energy within the muscles and can help combat chronic fatigue. It is often times used to increase athletic performance.

Exercise and Fitness

If you are out of shape you will feel more tired than if you exercise regularly. Your metabolism is closely related to how energetic you feel. If your used to siting all day and don't get any exercise your body will always be tired. The simple cure is to exercise at least 30 minutes day to get in a healthier shape and get back that energy.

Tiredness caused by Depression

Depression is also one of the major players when it comes to tiredness. It doesn't apply to every one but check out Tired Because of Depression

Diet and Nutrition

Diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to always being tired. Remember when you just ate that thanks giving dinner and you just felt like sleeping the rest of the day? This can happen to you every day if you don't watch your diet. Over eating especially carbs can be a quick way to tiredness. But eating to little will not give you the right amounts of fuel to keep you going throughout the day. The trick is to get just the right amount of the foods your body really needs. Read: Foods that give you energy for more information.


And now for the most important step. Many problems with tiredness stem from a lack of sleep or quality sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is Key to being awake and energetic the next day. Some people need more darkness so the use of a sleep mask is a simple and effective solution for them. Others have problems with their oxygen supply during the night. Sleep breath machines help you get oxygen during the night which will turn a bad constant waking sleep into a nice restful sleep that wont leave them groggy the next day. Now all these things help but if you really want to dig deeper and find more ways to get rid of tiredness once and for all i suggest you read the End Tiredness Guide. It has a huge amount of information that can help you get more energy during the day. It has helped many other people in the past.